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2017-08-16 01:23:05 by MiNDxCLoUD

I'm not one for being a victim, 

and weakness is not admirable

but the bitter wine

of failure

is ripe


in the center of my mind,

I am a fraud

And the sword tip falls lightly, 

to cut my eyes away


Famous Last Words

2017-04-06 02:51:46 by MiNDxCLoUD

Should I go on this Craigslist date?


Some years ago

a teen cries in 


bedroom. Asking a god, 

to bind him to love

another, vainly.

He hugs himself, his twisted stomach

the hairs on his neck stand up

by the reflection pond, somewhere

tranquil and cool, one autumn evening,

in Boston.

Yes, it was years ago



just want to speak

2017-03-16 12:00:35 by MiNDxCLoUD

You fucking schlub 

tearing up the nightclub

like a fucking stain

such a fucking pain 

gotta act up

put the cartridge in the chamber 

couldn't be any lamer

with a fat glass of bleach

in the bathtub

want to preach away a

bloodstain, salute failing outreach 


2017-01-17 02:15:18 by MiNDxCLoUD

The perfect lines 

of her lips, that nose, a suggestion of

an air of 



each glance is a contusion

brusing the room, our eyes fixated

blood seeping into the room slowly, 

purpling others slight manners

--we didn't know true desire as she did

ever-consuming, stronger than beauty could ever afford

...the hurt she made didn't equal the pangs she felt herself.

spherical, purpled

2016-12-28 10:32:18 by MiNDxCLoUD

Old lover as spectre

Old friends as holograms

of ancient times, but 10 yrs ago

when feelings arose as breath

and the breadth of the sadness was 

as immense as silence in

a darkened chapel

in winter, as a icicle dripped a tear

for that old lover, cold walking dead alive


2016-12-27 00:45:01 by MiNDxCLoUD

u goddam nukas

wondering about your dick and philo-sophy

while bucks are running your life with $

and teh cynics run on fuel

the stupidity of a thousand texts

in the century of 

look gabbers ripping the concerts

and the wave of right

the unnevered slaps abounding

the anger 

the old hi9p msongs, rendered meaninglesss

and swilled bny old scothc, dring up in the alleys

oh dear, my love, you're a whore an d no one wasw willing to tell you

stupidityh and faithr running the economy

dirty tree faggits

the one time where the ol d cuts dry up from the record player to the asphalt turntables

and our artristry didnt mean shite

my mother 

shitters chuckling at a dinner party

Don't you even have a soul?

2016-12-10 11:52:46 by MiNDxCLoUD

A dewy eyed innocence unseen

by thine hard eyes

Did you touch tender feel

Don't you even have a soul

dark, everlasting, 

Yellow flowers shorne upon the curb 

oil spatters webbed the old pavement

on the hill by your cottage

in LA, that blue sky 



2016-11-29 11:09:06 by MiNDxCLoUD

Flat Iron Shingle, Stuccos

A man woke up from birth mid career

She had sex twice unto a rerouted application via 

INGSOC was popular in my day 

A robyn flies overhead, the tall grass sways

A person cuts a fabric swatch, snip, snip.

My beautiful coquette, my blades edge

my true serpahina, she speaks of complexity like it was mere breakfast

cereal. The accountant stands back and listens as she paints her lips black



2016-02-17 19:34:10 by MiNDxCLoUD

Dulled! Dulled by dried ink

the pen wells gone dry!

Dulled by 3 years w/o a blink,

from an uncaring eye

nor a wisp of fresh air, from 

the grand mountain, who 

created us all


Was the light ever right

2015-08-08 02:40:02 by MiNDxCLoUD

The light was lost,

 He lost is somewhere lightyears from the sun

Blinded or blackened or blighted

The symbol of light centuries old plato

maybe we've been squinting at the 

wrong symbol.