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2016-12-27 00:45:01 by MiNDxCLoUD

u goddam nukas

wondering about your dick and philo-sophy

while bucks are running your life with $

and teh cynics run on fuel

the stupidity of a thousand texts

in the century of 

look gabbers ripping the concerts

and the wave of right

the unnevered slaps abounding

the anger 

the old hi9p msongs, rendered meaninglesss

and swilled bny old scothc, dring up in the alleys

oh dear, my love, you're a whore an d no one wasw willing to tell you

stupidityh and faithr running the economy

dirty tree faggits

the one time where the ol d cuts dry up from the record player to the asphalt turntables

and our artristry didnt mean shite

my mother 

shitters chuckling at a dinner party


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